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Living in the Sierra Nevada Foothills is a unique experience. As agents who live and work in the area, we have unique insight into living in the Foothills. Buying here for most people will include an expansion of their vocabulary, to include: perc/mantle, leach fields distribution box, miner’s inch, irrigation, ditch water, and gpm. These terms underlie the long history and tradition of individuality, yet with a strong sense of community. Self-sustaining, off-grid, rural and rustic are not just descriptions of the land but many of the people and personalities that make up the foothills.
There are two worlds up here uniquely different uniquely wonderful.
First, for those like me who enjoy the outdoors far away from HOAs. I’ve been moving up here for years and I’m constantly amazed by the independent can-do spirit. Almost every weekend, in every small town from cool to greenwood to Garden Valley to Georgetown, you can hear the sound of freedom whether it’s those expressing their Second Amendment rights or those clearing ground on their twenty, thirty or forty-plus acre property. A young lady friend of mine purchased a 20-acre parcel and I told her she’ll need to learn how to shoot a gun and operate a chainsaw she just smiled at me. It’s been two years since, She now drives a four-wheel drive vehicle, keeps a chainsaw in the back, and is completely independent.
Second, our foothills are dotted with a few HOAs but mostly just rode ridomovie associations with one very wonderful exception. Auburn Lake Trails is one of the most beautiful places To live in the foothills. Yes, it is an active HOA and actually yes it does have rules, for those independent-minded you already know that you don’t want to live in an HOA, fine. You don’t need to read any further, call us a say no HOA and we will find you the ideal property outside ALT.
For the rest of you that understand and enjoy the benefits that an HOA can offer you will find no other as good as Auburn Lake Trails. You can learn more about the HOA at their website at auburnlaktrails.org
To visit, just travel 8 minutes from Auburn on route 193 or about 40 miles northeast of Sacramento on 80 to Auburn, then 193 to the small town of Cool, set back in time you will find people who still wave, say hello, and greet each other with a smile. The Community of Auburn Lake Trails is in a wonderful rural setting with the best nature can provide: awesome views, changing seasons, a place for riding, and hiking, a golf course, basketball & tennis courts, ponds, pools, parks, and some other areas to spend awesome moments with your family and friends.
In this particular area of Cool, CA, you will enjoy every morning that you spend here. Only about an hour and a half from the Pacific Ocean or Lake Tahoe. If you want privacy and love the outdoors there is no better alternative to the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Cool, CA, or Auburn Lake Trails.
If you are considering making a move into the foothills, or living in the trails, or in Cool or the surrounding area make sure to contact us with any questions you have, we would love to help you find the right fit.
Thank you,
Marc Stanley, Veteran
Kirkson Realty Group, Broker
C: 202-525-0094

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Marc was very knowledgeable about the area I was looking in, as well as being very versed in creative financing options. He almost always returned my calls and emails within 1 day, and sometimes instantly. I felt like he was really working with me and for me and went above and beyond to spend time with me to help define what I was looking for.

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Marc has been very helpful. As we continued to ask questions, Marc answered with frankness and true concern about our needs. We know many realtors but chose Marc Stanley to help us buy and sell our properties. A true gentleman and honest person.

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